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SPOT acts as a central repository for you to share your student placement details with Placement Providers, and allows you to track your student's progress through their placement.

Make requests for placement directly through SPOT

A standard form makes it easy to ensure placement providers have all the information they need to approve your request to place students with them. You can link the request with the current agreement or deed you have with the placement provider as well as upload all student documentation to share with the clinical staff responsible for student supervision.

Track student attendance and hours remaining

Your student placement facilitators can access student details through SPOT to get a daily list of who is on site today and who they’re working with. This allows them to better plan their day and give more support to students. Facilitators can also track how many shifts students have completed and if any placement extensions are required.


Track student's clinical performance through SPOT

Follow your student's performance through SPOT with the evaluation functionality. You can see both the student's supervisors and the student's feedback on how each part of their placement is progressing. This adds another avenue to monitor and improve learning outcomes.

Review all your clinical placements through SPOT

Instantly see all of your students on active clinical placement, view their details and placement history through SPOT.

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