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1. How do I log in to SPOT?

Your SPOT administrator will set up your user profile using your email address as your user name and provide you with a password to log in for the first time. Then simply click the LOGIN tab and select your facility or organisation from the list to bring up your SPOT login screen. Be sure to change your password the first time you log in for maximum security.

2. Do students get to self-roster in SPOT?

Yes and no. SPOT empowers students to take ownership of their clinical placement by booking their shifts through their Student Dashboard. However, students only have access to book shifts if they are given that access.

Additionally, the shifts students can self-roster are based on the capacities set by Directors and Managers in consultation with the Education Providers. This gives you the choice of setting broad capacities, allowing students a wide choice of shifts, or setting narrow capacities, even limiting student's choice to a single allocated shift each day if desired.

3. What does my facility need in terms of IT infrastructure to utilise SPOT?

Because SPOT is web-hosted, the only thing users and administrators need is a computer with a web browser and an internet connection. There's no need for dedicated servers or IT staff to get SPOT up and running, all your information is securely accessible through your login.

4. What types of information can SPOT provide me?

Any piece of information that is entered by a user into SPOT can be reported on. The fact that the majority of information is entered by "front-line" users, students, their clinical supervisors and managers, means there is no lengthy data collection process needed to report on items such as:

  • Total placement days/hours.
  • Growth in placements and capacity over time.
  • Take-up and drop-out rates.
  • Under/over-utilisation.
  • Individual area's student loads.
  • Individual education provider's placement demand.
5. Will SPOT create additional work for my clinical staff?

SPOT is designed to be intuitive to use, with users only having access to functions that are useful to them. The functions performed through SPOT are functions that would already be happening in some format in your business i.e. assigning supervisors to students, determining where and when students can be placed. SPOT allows these functions to be completed in a uniformly efficient manner, in a central location so that users share pertinent information. So there should be no additional work for clinical staff, it's simply a matter of doing what you do now but more effectively.

6. How do Education Providers gain access to SPOT?

This is managed individually through Placement Providers. Education Provider staff that want access to your campus on SPOT, to submit placement requests or view their students placed with you, need your SPOT administrator to set up a user profile for them. Then it's as simple as logging in to SPOT for the facility you want to place, or have already placed, students with.

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