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SPOT answers the most important questions about your clinical placement environment, through its interaction with users.

Where can I place students in my facility?

Your System Administrator has the ability to create a “map” of your facility, simulating the various locations, wards, units and teams that take on student loads. These can be organised in terms of physical areas, subspecialty areas, team groups or any other groupings that your organisation uses. Each of these areas can then be assigned student disciplines that they facilitate.

How many students can my facility place?

The number of students and area can accommodate is set by Directors and Clinical Placement Coordinators. You’ve got control right down to the individual day of the week and time of the day for each unique team and area. Once set, one off variations to capacity in the case of day closures, fluctuating workloads and other operational requirements are managed through variance requests from area Managers. Add all of this up and you’ve got the TOTAL clinical placement capacity for your facility.


Who are the students being placed?

Education Providers have access through SPOT to directly upload all essential student details. This includes not only names, programs and student numbers, but also mandatory prerequisites such as student’s immunisation status and working with children status, as well as student photos. Placement documentation such as learning objectives, assessment criteria and student schedules can also be provided by Education Providers, creating a central repository for students, clinical staff and administrators to draw from.

Once uploaded, Directors and Clinical Placement Coordinators can then allocate students to an area, or multiple areas in the case of rotating or distributed models, for the duration of their placement.

When did the students actually attend shifts?

Student attendance is tracked through SPOT via visibility of individual shifts completed. Managers have access to cancel shifts that students have not attended, and Student Supervisors can record if a student has only attended a partial shift. These shifts add up and display in the form of a placement hours countdown clock that shows how many hours the student still has to attend to complete their placement. Once the student’s placement is concluded, a complete record of where and when a student attended is accessible.


Who supervised the students and how was their performance?

Each shift attended by a student has the Student Supervisor assigned through the SPOT Manager dashboard. This allows the student to know who they’re working with, as well as letting the supervisor know the student’s details and learning requirements. At the end of each shift, supervisors are prompted to complete a brief evaluation on the student’s performance. These then form a record of the student’s progression and helps encourage the continual feedback necessary for good learning outcomes.

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